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Vastu Shastra


MahaVastu for Residential

The term Vastu comes from Sanskrit word – “vas niwase” meaning habitable place, viz., a place which assists you live an ideal life. This knowledge of Vastu had very well been explored by our Rishi/Munis thousands of years back, but at time this knowledge was strictly reserved for Rajas & Maharajas only.

Residential Vastu is the study of impact of your houses/homes/flats on your mind & life situation. There is a continuous interaction between the residing space & our subconscious mind and it effects are quite visible in the form of life situation that we get to face in our life as well as our reaction to them.

In MahaVastu we will analyse your living space and offer personalized solutions as per your Astro Chart popularly known as Astro-MahaVastu techniques. We suggest for balancing of your house on the basis of 16 zones/directions and 5 Elements (Pancha Tattvas – Jal, Vayu, Agni, Prithivi, Akash) followed by Prakriti (Sattva, Rajas & Tamas) analysis of residents. We offers customize solutions without demolition to enhance harmony, health, happiness & growth in life.


MahVastu for Commercial/Factory

At MahaVastu, We checks the strength of 33 Devtas and 12 Asuras through intuition and Bhoomi Nadi. Strong Devta energy brings profit and strong Asura Force results in loss of wealth in the commercial place (Industries, Factories, Shops, Showrooms Etc).
The AUO (Activity, Utility & Object) affects the strength of Commercial Place which impacts on your on-time project completion, leasing, sales and orders, cash flow, banking support, departmental issues, litigation, safety and security, customer relationships and prosperity.



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