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Astrology has been called the third eye in the Vedas. What is not visible with our two eyes, is visible with the third eye called Astrology.”

Astrology took thousands of years of researches and it has an astronomical and mathematical base of calculations. Astrology is the Vedic science and is made of two words Astro and Logic, means Logics behind Astronomy. In hindi, it is called Jyotish which is again made of two words Jyoti (Light) and Ish (God), which means Light of God. Astrology guides us to achieve good health, wealth, growth & prosperity in life.

It is the study of the movements and relative positions of the planets in the cosmos which effects life and events of the humans living on earth.

Horoscope tells us about our natal strength, for various aspects of our life; self, health, wealth, marriage, child, Money, Relationship, Studies,

career and business growth, study, business & life partner, Occupation.

Astrology is the science of answers and finding correct solutions.

Acharya Preeti Indarwal gives precise predictions of horoscope and gives very effective remedies for Money, Relationship, Studies, career and business growth.

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