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Acharya Preeti Indarwal

Acharya Preeti Indarwal is Masters in Biotechnology & Mahavastu Certified Consultant and Trainer. She is an Mahavastu Expert for Residential, shops, showrooms, Industries and Factory Vastu. Along with expertise in Vastu, she is also an Astrologer, numerologist, Signature & Handwriting analysis, Business Counsellor & Motivational Speaker.
She is expertise in doing Vastu without demolition and her results are very accurate. Her way of doing customize Vastu as per clients’ requirements and desires makes her different from others. She uses simple kitchen materials and home objects as remedies. She is specialised in Factory Astro-Vastu, town/building Planning, Industrial and commercial Astro-Vastu. She guides for achieving Happiness, Health and Growth.
She has consulted 500+ clients as per MahaVastu and given results for growth in business and career.
At VastuParkhi, Acharya Preeti Indarwal help in re-designing your destiny.

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