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MahVastu for Commercial/Factory

At MahaVastu, We checks the strength of 33 Devtas and 12 Asuras through intuition and Bhoomi Nadi. Strong Devta energy brings profit and strong Asura Force results in loss of wealth in the commercial place (Industries, Factories, Shops, Showrooms Etc).
The AUO (Activity, Utility & Object) affects the strength of Commercial Place which impacts on your on-time project completion, leasing, sales and orders, cash flow, banking support, departmental issues, litigation, safety and security, customer relationships and prosperity.



 Owner Seating Area, Pooja Room, Pantry, Toilet, Site Office, Sale Office, Admin Area, Account Section, Water Bodies, Rain Water Harvesting, Sewage etc.)


Gas Burner, Toilet Seat, CCTV Camera, Wifi, Fridge, Electric Meter boreholes, transformers, generators, cameras, etc.


Plants, Vase, Paintings, Lights, Statues, Wall Arts, Rugs & Carpets, interior decoration items etc

To remove negative effects of AUO, we suggest for balancing of your commercial space on the basis of 16 zones/directions, 5 Elements (Pancha Tattvas – Jal, Vayu, Agni, Prithivi, Akash) and Prakriti (Sattva, Rajas & Tamas) analysis followed by effective MahaVastu Remedies. After Balancing, these negative effects could also be rectified/removed/fixed by simple MahaVastu Remedies. We offers customize solutions without demolition to enhance wealth, happiness & growth in Business & Career.

How will MahaVastu be done at your commercial place?

  • Our surveyors will measure your commercial space and prepare a correct map, mark the direction and location of all the above-mentioned activities, useful items and interior decoration items in their survey.
  • We discuss with you the problems arising as negative effects, then following level-wise measures are taken to resolve them
  • 1st Step, we balance the five elements by treating the power of land, road hits, entrance door, toilet, sewage, direction force etc.
  • 2nd step, we relocate the activities, utility & Objects or rectify them by the MahaVastu techniques.
  • 3rd step, the energy of the house is harmonized/aligned with the cosmic energy based on the planets in your birth chart.
  • 4th Step, treatment is done on the basis of marma points & Devta Audit.

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